The Best Materials For OutDoor Signs

What Outdoor Signage is Made From

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Just like outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture, so too is outdoor signage from indoor signage. Outdoor signage is made from specific materials to withstand the elements. Whether you’re looking for event signage or construction signage, the right material can make sure you get your message across.

Which Material is Right for My Signage Needs?

In order to start narrowing it down, think about what qualities you’re looking for in outdoor signage.

  • Durability: Wood, aluminum. 
  • Weather-resistant: Wood, metal.
  • Temporary: Fabric, vinyl, corrugated plastic.
  • Light-weight: Fabric, vinyl, corrugated plastic, PVC.
  • Low-cost: Corrugated plastic, vinyl, PVC.

Highly customizable & unique: Acrylic, aluminum, neon.

Wood Signage

Wood signage is made to truly stand the test of time, in both durability and style. It gives a classic, rustic look and is still customizable. For a custom look, wood signage can be designed in a number of ways, including:

  • Carved wood, where the sign is etched out of a larger piece.
  • Medium-density overlay (MDO), where a thin paper film is placed over plywood
  • Omega SignBoard, where vinyl is placed over plywood

Carved wood is usually more durable, making it better for signs placed next to roadways. For areas with lighter traffic, like shop signs, MDO and Omega SignBoard are great choices.

Metal Signage

Metal signage, including aluminum, is both sturdy and weather resistant. With metal signage, you’ll get an industrial, modern, minimalist look. A baked enamel finish helps to further increase its durability. If you’re looking for a specific color, aluminum comes in a variety of shades.

Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signage is great for a clean, modern look. While it can be used outside, it works best in sheltered areas, for things like directional or product signage. Acrylic can also be used for more than just signs, and makes great boxes, brochure holders, and name tags.

Pick your main message that you want attendees to take away from your display and make sure it is featured prominently.

Coroplast & Corrugated Plastic Signage

Coroplast, or corrugated plastic, is another light-weight and low-cost signage solution. It should only be used as temporary signage outdoors or as indoor signage. Consider using corrugated plastic signage for events, promotions, or tradeshows.

Fabric Signage

Fabric signage works well for a variety of uses. When used outside, it can only be done so temporarily. One common example of outdoor use would be on event tents, where the tent is taken down at the end of the day. Otherwise, fabric signs are great inside for things like backdrops, banners, and flags.

Magnetic Signage

If you’re looking for signage to mount on your vehicle, magnetic signage is your best bet. Magnetic signs are customizable with your logo and colors, allowing you to take your message with you whenever you hit the road.

Neon Signage

We all recognize the glow from a neon sign. Give your sign a unique, vintage look with a neon glow. Neon signs are highly customizable as well, allowing you to choose your letter styling and light color. Use them inside or outside, day or night.

Vinyl Signage

Vinyl is another great temporary signage option. It’s often used for banners, for things like events, promotions, and grand opening announcements. Because of its flexibility, vinyl can be easily hung across a wall or building, so your message can reach the people it needs to.

Still Looking for a Sign?

Your local signage expert can point you in the right direction. Even if you don’t have a design in mind, an experienced signage company can help you determine the right material for your outdoor signage needs.